Denver’s Best Sustainable Meal Prep

You want healthy, prepared meals delivered to your door. But you also have some reservations about using a meal prep service, and a big one is your concern about waste. Hey, Zeke here from Super-Natural Eats. Today on the blog, I want to address and issue that is important to both you and me—sustainability. At Super-Natural Eats, a meal prep service in Denver, we share your concerns. So I want to share with you some of the measures Super-Natural Eats takes to make our systems are sustainable.

Meal Prep in Denver that Reuses Packaging

When you order from Super-Natural Eats, each meal comes in a container with a top and the bottom. We encourage our customers to recycle to tops. But we are able to reuse the bottoms. When our drivers bring you a new round of meals and leave them in the designated cooler, they also pick up used container bottoms that customers place back in the cooler ahead of time. Back in our commercial kitchen, we sanitize them and reuse them.

Buying in Bulk Reduces Packaging and Food Waste

Our seasoned chefs prepare food in bulk for our many customers in the Northern Colorado and Denver areas. And since we create foods at such a high volume, we also buy our fresh ingredients in bulk, which reduces waste. Bulk foods require less packaging than foods packaged in smaller portions. Also, portioned, prepared meals reduce food waste since there isn’t leftover food or ingredients that aren’t getting used.

We Support Our Local Farmers

A key part of our sustainability is supporting local farmers and local businesses whenever possible. By working with local farmers, we reduce our carbon footprint by reducing the need for shipping in ingredients from further away. And we boost our local economy and help keep local farmers in business.

At Super-Natural Eats, we care about the environment and sustainability just like you do. And as a Denver meal prep service, we are committed to sustainability through reusing packaging, buying bulk foods, and supporting local farmers and businesses. 

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