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How to Host a Vegan Friendsgiving

Friendsgiving is a term that, if used more than a decade ago, would have elicited a mixture of puzzlement and amusement.

When it comes to Thanksgiving, the highlight of the feast is usually a stuffed turkey — but what about Friendsgiving? It’s a good time to start new rituals. Gather your forward-thinking, trend-setting gang and challenge the Thanksgiving standards without offending your family by attempting something different.

For those who don’t know anything about Friendsgiving, Google Trends indicates that no one searched for the term before 2011. The number of searches increased steadily beginning in 2013 and continuing to this day.


It’s possible that Friendsgiving may act as a dress rehearsal for the traditional Thanksgiving meal that you’ll prepare for your own family later in the month. You may celebrate Friendsgiving earlier in the month if you want to get a head start on the preparations, and there is nothing stopping you from doing so.

You might also choose to prolong the celebration by holding it on the same weekend as Thanksgiving. This would provide you with more time to spend with family and friends. The opportunity to employ leftovers creatively in the production of new meals is a key benefit that comes with picking this option as the choice to go with.


If you’re going to be the host this year, don’t be nervous; you’ve got this! It only requires a little planning ahead of time. Planning out your meals at least a week in advance is highly recommended.

You are not required to do everything, therefore you should have your guests bring anything they choose. Put the cranberries, the stuffing, the dessert, and the potatoes in their respective primary categories. You may save the hassle of cooking over the holidays by ordering a holiday meal delivery from one of the numerous businesses that provide this service. Super Natural Eats can provide you with everything you need for a Thanksgiving feast that is entirely plant-based if that is what you are searching for.

Make sure you have confirmation from your guests that they will be attending so you know how much food to prepare. Create a spreadsheet with all of that information as well as the individuals who are supplying it, and then share the spreadsheet with your various social connections. It is important to keep track of those who have food allergies to avoid any confusion.


Even your pals who like eating meat won’t want to eat turkey more than twice in the span of a single month, and that’s assuming they like eating meat. As an appropriate substitute for turkey, suggest that they have a look at the following material from Boston University: More than 45 million turkeys are slaughtered every year in the United States specifically for the purpose of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner.

You may want to consider providing something other than Tofurky that is not only more healthy but also less processed than Tofurky as an alternative to the typical dishes that are associated with the Thanksgiving holiday.


Make sure that every one of your visitors has a place to sit, some utensils, and that there is enough room at the table for all of them.  You may want to think about asking your guests to bring their own food or asking a few friends to split their resources for the meal with you. Maintain a straightforward approach in light of the fact that there will be a substantial amount of food on the table.

If you are serving lunch in a more casual, family-style setting, you may want to try arranging popular sides like mashed potatoes in separate dishes, one at each end of the table. It would be beneficial to have many vegan butter dishes as well as gravy boats.


If you want your Thanksgiving celebrations to include more than just a meal, you might think about including a thanksgiving board into the festivities.

Markers, a board, chalk, or cardboard are the only things needed to get started with this activity. When people arrive at your home, you should request that they write down a few things for which they are grateful. A wonderful idea to retain a record of the time you spent together and the things you were all thankful for on that particular day. Take a photo of the board and write a letter to each person who participated in the celebration.

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