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Frequently Asked Questions


The meals are delivered on Mondays and Thursdays in the Northern Colorado area. In the Denver area, they are delivered on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Since our route changes weekly, we are not able to give a precise time frame. However, our delivery window is 8-4:30. We are working on an option to improve communication with deliveries.

The ingredients in the meal plan are not customizable. However, you can customize the size of your meals. We offer 4, 6, and 8 oz meals.

Please check out our social media pages here to see examples of our meals!
The caloric value of each of our meals varies based on the meal and the portion size. Please contact us for questions or concerns related to this.
7 Meal Plan (1 Delivery Date): 
7 Meals on 1st day
14 Meal Plan (2 Delivery Dates):
8 meals on 1st day, 6 meals on 2nd day.
21 Meal Plan (2 Delivery Dates):
12 meals on 1st day, 9 meals on 2nd day. 
You will receive 3 different kinds of meals every week unless you have an allergy or have a specific preference. 
The menu changes every week and then resets at the beginning of each quarter. You can always see the upcoming menu here:
Yes. The meals come labeled with nutrition facts which do include macros. 
We recommend to put all the contents of the meals in a frying pan and heat them up on medium heat for 5-8 minutes. However, you can heat them up in a microwave for 2-3 minutes.
Yes. You can freeze the meals. Be aware of the meals that come with raw/fresh salad greens as they do not freeze well. 
The meals will come in a biodegradable bag.
During the checkout process, you will see a “notes,” section. Please make sure to be very specific about your allergies and debrief us entirely in the notes section.
Yes. You can order “low carb,” meals and this ensures you will not get any gluten in your meals. Please specify that you do not want gluten in the “notes” section at checkout. 
If you will not be home during the time of drop off, we suggest putting a cooler out for your meals. 
As of now, we are not able to accommodate this request. However, we are working on a plan to satisfy this request. 
No. But we are developing our menu to offer these options soon. We are planning on mid-2020 to launch. 


NO. There is no long term contract, we are here when you need us and would like to make your life easier. Turn the meal plan subscription on and off when you need by logging in to your account and canceling the meal prep service when you do not need the prepared meals. Then, when you are ready to start back up, simply log back in and select your desired healthy meal plan and submit your order.
When ordering your meals, we need to know by Thursday at 11:59 PM if you would like meals delivered on Monday. There are no refunds once your card is charged as we purchase food for the coming week every Friday.

Every new customer order starts and gets delivered the following week as long as you place your order by 11:59 PM on Thursday evening.

Log in to your account and click on “add-ons,” then select your desired add on and quantity.
Yes. You can subscribe to a meal plan and cancel after the first charge to your bank account has posted. 
No. Once you subscribe, you let us do the rest of the work 🙂

Yes. You can log in to your account and “suspend” your meal plan. Please note, you will need to resume your plan once again to begin receiving deliveries. We are working to make this easier.

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