Save Money with Denver Meal Prep Option

Hey, friends! It’s Zeke here, with Super-Natural Eats. Today on the blog I wanted to share a cost comparison of various meal prep services in Denver, along with other avenues of getting food. Most people would agree that if they could eat healthy for a lower cost, that would be ideal. In fact, one common objection many people have to choosing healthier options—whether that’s at the grocery store or in a restaurant—is the cost. And when you’re considering other Denver meal prep options, the cost can still be an issue. At Super-Natural Eats, it’s our goal to make healthy, clean eating an affordable option. 

The Super-Natural Eats Way

We deliver prepped and cooked meals once or twice a week, depending on the desired customer volume. Our costs per serving range from $7.50-$13.00, depending on the volume of meals and the portion sizes. Smaller portions cost less than larger ones (they come in 4,6, and 8-ounce portions). The 8-ounce portions are intended to be two servings so the cost per serving ends up being much lower and more meals you choose to have delivered per week, the lower the cost per meal. 

Let’s take a look at the cost of other meal options in the Denver area.

Food from a clean-ish fast-casual restaurant like Chipotle

Cost per meal ranges from $6.50-$7.50

Other considerations:

*Often when eating takeout, even if ingredients are healthy and fresh, the portions are still much larger than you would cook for yourself. If weight loss or management is a goal of yours, eating out becomes problematic.

*Grabbing food from a fast-casual restaurant can be convenient if you’re out. But if you’re at home, obviously you have to leave to go pick something up or use a delivery service which adds additional fees.

*Extras like chips, guacamole, and drinks drive up the cost per meal and total calorie count.

Food from a dine-in restaurant like Red Robin

Cost per meal ranges from $8-$15

Other considerations:

*Like with fast-casual, dining at a restaurant brings larger portions that aren’t ideal for people trying to lose or maintain weight.

*Dine in or take out still requires time in your day that you may or may not have.

*Healthy choices, although present, might be harder to pick on such a big menu.

Food from other meal prep services

Cost per meals ranges from $4-$34

Other considerations:

*There are a number of meal prep companies serving the Denver area. Each has a different goal. Some desire to send gourmet style meals to homes and some are more health-conscious than others. When comparing meal prep companies in Denver, consider your goals and their objectives and see if they align.

*Each company has different pre-ordering policies. Some might be more difficult to fit into a busy lifestyle (like having to order the day-of).

I know you have lots of options of what to eat. But Super-Natural Eats provides food for a growing sector of people—people who need convenient food at home, and want healthy food prepared fresh. Many people desire the convenience of fresh meals at their front door with just a few clicks on a computer or phone. And compared to other options, I think you’ll end up saving money while achieving your nutrition goals.

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