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Reducing Food Waste | Meal Prep Service in Dacono

How often do you find yourself throwing away half a moldy avocado from the back of your fridge? Maybe you bought too many green beans to make a special meal and never got around to using the rest. Even if you order takeout, the portion sizes are often much larger than you need and the leftovers go to waste. We all have the best intentions when it comes to food waste but it isn’t easy! Using a meal prep service in Dacono can greatly decrease your family’s food waste. 

Save Money and Reduce your Family’s Food Waste with Meal Prep Services

It is estimated that 30-40 % of the entire food supply in the United States is discarded every year. As a result, food takes up more space in our landfills than anything else! Of course, landfill space should be a concern to all of us. But on a personal level, throwing away food also affects our wallets! No one likes the feeling of throwing away food that just didn’t get eaten, only to have to buy more. Meal prep services better utilize ingredients and use food more efficiently. 

How does meal prep service in Dacono reduce food waste? 

We prepare meals in larger quantities so there aren’t leftover ingredients that don’t get used. You can try new dishes and taste new flavors without taking a long trip to the grocery store only to end up with excess ingredients. Our experienced team will do the hard work for you. You’ll be putting more nourishing food in your body and less food in the landfill. 

Try Super-Natural Eats

At Supernatural Eats, we are committed to making nutritious food more accessible and more sustainable. You can choose the right portion size for you and your family so nothing gets thrown out. We now service more areas in Colorado than ever, including Dacono and much of Northern Colorado. Check out our selection of delicious and sustainable meals.

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