3 Ways to Eat Healthier Meals

Hello friends! Zeke here, owner of Super-Natural Eats. I wanted to talk with you guys today about the dreaded “Quarantine 15”—the 15 pounds many of us gained during our time staying home and bingeing on comfort food. And for a lot of us, while there is still a lot of uncertainty in the world, we are trying to regain control of our diets. Besides, we know eating healthy foods not only helps keep away the unwanted pounds, but it helps us actually feel better. So I’ve come up with a list of 3 ways to eat healthier meals. With a combination of the three, I hope you will feel set up for success when it comes to having a better relationship with food, and your pants!

Meal Prep for Yourself on Your Day Off

Part of staying on top of your nutrition is making sure you have healthy options for food around your home. Setting aside time in your busy week to grocery shop and meal prep are key parts of that goal. Whether grocery delivery has become your best friend or whether you brave the store, think about a few healthy meals you will eat throughout the week and make sure those ingredients are all on your grocery list. Then, if you can, carve out a few hours of a day off to prepare those meals ahead of time as much as possible. That way, come Monday night (and Wednesday night and Friday night), you have a prepared meal that just needs to be thrown in the oven and you’re on your way to healthier meals.

Use a Denver Meal Prep Service

Having healthy meals on hand is going to be the difference between you going through that drive-through again or eating at home. And using a meal prep service could not make eating healthy at home easier. At Super-Natural Eats, our meals are lovingly created by talented chefs and the menu is designed by a registered dietician. Everything is cooked, portioned out, and then packed in individual servings for you to reheat and eat whenever you need a quick meal.

Pick a New Favorite Go-To Treat and Set Limits

Eating healthier meals doesn’t mean you can’t ever eat out! Where’s the fun in that? Realistically, you can’t eat broccoli and chicken breasts at home for the rest of your life. But consider how you might restructure your experience with dining out so you’re reaching your goal of healthier meals. Perhaps limit yourself to one meal out a week. Look at the nutritional information at a few of your go-to restaurants and pick a meal you love that falls in line with your nutrition goals. Decide you will only order one drink or skip the chips and salsa. Whatever it looks like for you, redesign your dining experience to be a healthier one.

At Super-Natural Eats, we exist to support individuals and groups with their desire to eat healthy, convenient, and delicious food. Please contact us to learn more about creating a meal plan that’s right for you!

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