Eat More Veggies! Meal Prep in Denver Provides More Tasty Options

Hey friends, Zeke here, owner and founder of Super-Natural Eats. Today I wanted to share with you all something that’s near and dear to my heart—making sure our meals incorporate delicious vegetables. We all know we should be eating more vegetables. But for one reason or another, many of us have a hard time getting them on our plate. At Super-Natural Eats, Denver meal prep service, we believe in vegetables, and we believe in making them delicious. And to do this, I partnered up with registered dietician, Haley Hughes of RDRx Nutrition, to create meals that utilize a variety of vegetables.

Eat Those Veggies

Haley Hughes is a registered dietician who runs her own nutrition coaching business, RDRx Nutrition. She helps us develop our menu to make sure each meal is balanced based on the “MyPlate” guidelines from the USDA. The idea is to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruit, and additionally have a carb and a protein. 

But why are vegetables important? Haley says some people focus on the fact that vegetables are low-calorie foods. But that’s only one reason why one might want to eat them. The more important reason is that vegetables are known to improve cardiovascular health, decrease blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Micronutrients are Key

Haley plans for our menu to rotate through different vegetables so our clients have the opportunity to consume a variety of micronutrient profiles found in each vegetable. While there is a lot of focus in the health world right now on macronutrients or “macros,” micronutrients are also important. They provide your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to run optimally. 

And while it might sound controversial, Haley says there is no such thing as a “superfood.” No one food has all the micronutrients you need, and that’s why it is so important to get a variety of vegetables in your diet. So Haley helps Super-Natural Eats come up with a menu that rotates through the different colors of vegetables (vegetables that have a similar color have similar micronutrients) and create flavor profiles for meals that taste delicious.

Why Use a Meal Prep Service in Denver and Northern Colorado?

In Haley’s private practice, she finds that the number one concern of her clients when it comes to eating healthy is that they’re busy. Haley explained,

“The benefit of using a meal prep service is convenience. Every single client of mine says they’re busy. And they don’t like it when they buy produce and it goes bad because they didn’t have time to prepare it. I think it’s also a form of self-care to have healthy food options at home.”

So if you’re someone who wants to eat more healthy, balanced meals but time is a struggle, using a meal prep service is a great option. And now that you know how much planning goes into our menus and help from collaborators like Haley, I hope you see the care that goes into each meal.

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