meal prep service in Thornton

Meal Prep Service in Thornton, CO + Bulk Food Delivery

Living in Thornton, Colorado, you’re in a prime spot to commute to Denver for work and play. But with a bit of a drive after work, isn’t it frustrating to get home and have to start prepping dinner later in the evening? As a meal prep service in Thornton, CO, we provide convenient meal delivery two days a week. Choose from our delicious menu created with the help of a registered dietician, or create custom meals. And now, Super-Natural Eats is proud to offer bulk food delivery, too.

Bulk Food Delivery in Denver

While we love preparing meals to help our customers maintain a healthy lifestyle, people began reaching out about getting our wholesome ingredients in bulk. So, we started passing on the savings of bulk foods to our customers! If you’ve grown to love Super-Natural Eats meal prep, nothing is more honoring than to know that you also trust us to pick out quality ingredients for you to prepare on your own.

Details of Ordering Bulk Food From SNE

We offer various vegetables, grains, beans, and meats in bulk, including asparagus, black beans, brown rice, tilapia, and ground bison. Orders do need to be a $70 minimum for us to offer these low prices.

Why Choose Denver Bulk Food Delivery?

You might be wondering why you would choose to order in bulk from Super-Natural Eats rather than just order them from your local grocery store. We find that our customers have a few different answers for that. 

To start, Super-Natural Eats uses organic, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, and we have very high standards of freshness. Most people have had the annoying experience of having groceries delivered, only to find that whoever did your shopping for you did not take the proper time and attention to pick out good produce. This will never happen with food delivery from Super-Natural Eats.

Another reason people enjoy ordering bulk foods from us is that we can pass on our good prices. Since we order food in bulk, we get lower prices than just buying a single pound of ground beef, for example. When you order bulk foods from Super-Natural Eats, we can pass those savings on to you.

And, another reason people choose to have bulk ingredients delivered is just for convenience. It’s the same convenience factor of any grocery delivery, but you don’t have to coordinate several different drop-offs.

Want to know more about meal prep service in Thornton, or about bulk food delivery in Denver, Boulder, and Northern Colorado, please contact us today! 

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