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Meal Prep Services in Denver Help With Weight Loss

Hey fellow foodies! It’s Zeke Cortez with Super-Natural Eats. One thing I love about this business is that we are really helping people eat healthier foods and have better lifestyles. And for many of our clients using our Denver meal prep service, weight loss or maintenance is a priority. I know that can be very hard to do when you live a busy life and healthy meal options are hard to come by. So I wanted to share three ways we see meals from Super-Natural Eats helping clients with weight loss or maintenance.

  1. Portion Control

Super-Natural Eats provides meals that come in 4-ounce, 6-ounce, and 8-ounce servings. The 4-ounce serving is designed for one person, the 6-ounce serving is designed for one to two people, and the 8-ounce serving is designed for two people. Using a meal prep service with measured out portions prevents our clients from overeating. We find our clients report that they are satisfied with their meal portions and staying within these portions helps with their weight loss/maintenance goals.

  1. Variety of Healthy Foods

We work with a registered dietician, Haley Hughes, to create balanced meals with tons of variety. Our standard option comes with a carb, a protein, and a vegetable. And we also offer a low-carb option that is the same as the standard option, just without the carb. You’ll see a variety of vegetables, proteins, and carbs in each meal and the combinations are always delicious! For example, one week we may offer steak tacos with cheese, lettuce, and shaved street corn, a sweet chili salmon bowl with farro and bok choy, and then Caprese chicken with orzo and swiss chard and kale salad.

  1. Convenience

We’ve all been in the place where it’s 6 pm, we are on our way home from work, and realize there is nothing at home to eat and it’s too late to prepare anything. That’s where having prepped meals already on hand becomes a huge weight loss advantage. Super-Natural Eats delivers meals once or twice a week, depending on the plan. So your healthy meals are waiting in your fridge for you to heat up as you need them throughout the week. The convenience of prepped meals takes away the excuse of eating out because you need a quick meal.

Hopefully, you can see how a meal prep service in Denver can help you meet your weight loss or maintenance goals. I love that Super-Natural Eats gets to be a part of people’s lives, helping them accomplish a healthier lifestyle, and providing them with delicious food!

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