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Meal Prep in Mead | 3 Ways Eating Healthy Helps the Planet

Most of us know we feel our best when we eat healthier food. Natural, unprocessed foods give our bodies what we need without added preservatives and chemicals. But did you know that healthy food practices can help the health of our planet as well? Here are three healthy eating practices that help the environment, and how we are a part of it as meal prep in Mead, CO. 

Eat Organic

Organic foods aren’t just better for your health; they’re better for the planet! Overly processed foods often come from animals and plants that have been given growth hormones and chemicals. When you consume these chemicals second-hand, your health suffers. Buying organic foods is better for the environment as well! Organic farming processes are more sustainable.

Choose Locally Sourced Food

The agriculture industry contributes significantly to greenhouse emissions. Transportation of goods plays a large part. So when you eat local foods, it cuts down on overall emissions. Buying produce from local farmers cuts down on transportation costs too. As a bonus, you also contribute to your local economy. Additionally, small-scale farmers are less likely to use harmful chemicals to bolster their crops. As a result, their produce is healthier and safer for the environment.

Compost Food Waste

How does composting help the planet? First, when we send organic waste to the landfill, methane is generated at a higher level. Methane emissions are significantly reduced when you compost food waste with other organic materials. If you have a garden or know someone who does, compost can be used in place of store-bought fertilizers. Healthy, whole foods like fruits and vegetables contribute less to landfills if disposed of responsibly.

For a small extra fee, some areas in Colorado offer compost pick-up in addition to your normal trash and recycling. Independent compost services also service much of the Denver and Colorado Springs areas. If you can’t find a local compost pick-up service, check out this guide to composting at home. Your food scraps have so many uses!

It’s quite an undertaking to start eating healthy. We get it! Making sustainable meals is much easier said than done. Meal prep in Mead, CO, is an easy way to feel good about the food you are putting into your body. Super-Natural Eats delivers wholesome food directly to you. We’re dedicated to using locally-sourced, organic foods so you can feel good about feeling good!

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